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Job Recruitment Scam Notice

Job Recruitment Scam Notice

DaVita Careers has been made aware of a phishing, job recruitment scam in which third parties are fraudulently representing themselves as recruiters of our company.  These scammers are posting fake DaVita job openings and communicating with job candidates in an effort to obtain personal information and money.

These fake job postings, fraudulent email correspondence and fake online interviews are being identified with contact information including an email address at “@davitahealth.us” or "“@davitahealthcare.us" such as firstname.lastname@davitahealth.us and/or hiring@davitahealth.us and/ or firstname.lastname@davitahealthcare.us and/or hiring@davitahealthcare.us. Fake DaVita job openings have been listed with Zip Recruiter and fake online interviews are being scheduled via Google Hangout, possibly via other online sites. During the email or online interview process, the scammer is asking the candidate to submit personal information and provide banking account information, under a sham to set up a home office for the candidate.  There could be other emails, domain names and job sites being used for this same scam, we just wanted to share what we know with our candidates.
Any such posts or communications from or associated with “davitahealth.us” or "“davitahealthcare.us"  are in no way connected to DaVita, DaVita Careers or to any of its official job postings.  Legitimate DaVita communications, or those form legitimate DaVita subsidiaries, will be sent from or associated only with the domains set forth below:  
Our Official URL Addresses are:

Our Top Tips For You:

  • If you see a job posting from or receive an email or phone request from an alleged DaVita recruiter requesting you provide confidential information upfront, please be very cautious.  
  • All official DaVita Careers email communications are sent with a @davita.com email address and a legitimate email from a DaVita recruiter will include the recruiter's direct contact information.  If you are applying for a career at one of our subsidiary businesses the following official email accounts are: @healthcarepartners.com, @villagehealth.com, @paladinahealth.com, @rmslifeline.com @ everettclinic.com, @hcpnv.com, @CSHP.NET, @jsahealthcare.com, @ABQHP.com, @paladinahealth.com and @rmslifeline.com.
  • DaVita recruiters will not ask for sensitive personal information or an applicant’s willingness to complete a background check through email, phone, text, chat rooms, or other via other unsecure communications. Any such information, if requested, is only request after acceptance of a DaVita job offer and is handled through our internal onboarding specialists (Welcome Wagon).
  • Any internet job posting that does not link to the job postings page on careers.davita.com is not a legitimate DaVita job posting and may be fraudulent
  • DaVita and/or DaVita recruiters do not conduct interviews via Google Hangout accounts

Our Commitment to You:
If you suspect someone is fraudulently representing DaVita, please email careers@davita.com and tell us about the communications you received, and include the suspicious job postings and/or emails as attachments. Providing the email or job posting via attachment will preserve important information that may help us identify the source of the potential scam.

If you have been a victim of this scam, we would like to offer you the chance to have a legitimate application experience with DaVita. Please be sure to let us know in your communication that this is something you are interested in.