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January 3, 2014  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
One of greatest things about being part of the DaVita Village is when you make a bad or unpopular decision there is always a support system in place to help look at things differently and are able to give guidance without judgment.  I have had directors that assume I had the best intentions when I make a mistake.  Which, I believe I do every time I make a decision even if it’s the wrong one.  When you have support like that it really puts your mind at ease knowing they have your back and they are in your corner. 

With that being said they also have expectations on your progression and you cannot just continue to make the same mistakes.   I recently had an encounter with a teammate that was hard for me emotionally.   I had a situation where I had to hold a teammate accountable for her behavior.  I had a patient complain about a how she was being treated by this teammate.  I believe accountability is a key core value when building a new team or attempting to restructure an existing team.  There are various was to hold people accountable and I believe the best way for me is to speak to them in a way they can understand for themselves as to why what they did was not appropriate.  The ability to be self aware is important so when they are put into a similar situation they may quickly evaluate and recognize what they are about to do is not the DaVita Way of doing things and change their behavior. 

More to come regarding the conversation with this teammate and why I may have misjudged the situation.