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Adventures in Hiring

November 21, 2013  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
With a new clinic and a sister clinic in the region with a number of vacancies, I’ve been doing a ton of interviewing lately.  Over the last two month, I’ve interviewed over 30 candidates, done phone screenings for about fifty people, and reviewed applications from countless others.  It’s been exciting to get what I think is really great talent hired into our region.

I thought I’d seen it all in my previous management roles, but after wading through the pool of potential teammates I’ve been swimming in the last few months, I now feel like I have seen it all.  I’ve literally had people tell me that they are interested in dialysis because they are looking for an easy job.  I’ve had people want to only talk about hours and salary and when they can take time off.  I’ve also had people show up way, way early and over an hour late to interviews (the record was a candidate who showed up at 7:10 for a 9AM interview).  I had one candidate who showed up 50 minutes early for his interview.  Unbeknownst to me, he showed up with his girlfriend in tow who was waiting in the car with the air conditioner running for the whole waiting period and for the duration of our interview.  When I saw my administrative assistant dragging his jumper cables out of his car, I assumed it was for the HVAC technician we had working on the building, but found out it was for the candidate whose girlfriend had killed her car battery while waiting for him. 

However, I’ve also had some great interviews.  I know it’s a great interview when I find myself hoping that the candidate will say yes if I call to offer them the position.

There’s nothing more exciting than finally getting to that diamond in the rough and then getting to sell them on why DaVita is a great place to work.  Not only is it exciting to me as a leader to feel that I am adding great talent to my team, but it also makes me reflect on why I joined DaVita and why it’s such an exciting company to work for.   My best interviews are the ones where the candidate asks great questions at the end that demonstrate a thoughtfulness, commitment to excellence, and professionalism that I know will be contagious to the rest of my team. 

There’s been a lot of good, bad, and ugly, but I am happy to report that out of the whole interview process, we’ve brought two RNs, four PCTs, and two LVNs into the region who I know have bright futures with the Village.