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Caring for each other, our patients and our world

September 11, 2012  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
At DaVita we strive to integrate our teams into the community and to serve others outside our normal dialysis scope.

We take our Trilogy of Care- which is caring for our patients, each other, and the world-  very seriously.

Each year DaVita publishes a Community Care Report to highlight the previous year. I just got done reviewing the 2011 book and I am blown away. I mean, I know that we do a lot across the Village for our communities but this really puts it into perspective.

There were over 600 service projects and charities that we supported across the country through our DaVita Way of Giving program.  We give back to the community and raise awareness about end stage renal disease. We also appreciate our patients and work hard to encourage and empower them!  You can learn more about some of our programs here.

Caring for our community is not only the right the to do but it also shows our commitment to our Vision, which is Building the Greatest Healthcare Community the World Has Ever Seen. We said we were going to do this and we are! You can’t help but to feel proud when you review this report detailing everything that our Village has done. Talk about fulfilling, to belong to something so BIG!