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A CAT that doesn't meow.

October 24, 2012  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
Several members of my core team were able to participate in a CAT audit. CAT stands for Comprehensive Audit Tool and is an internal review of the way that a center operates. The CAT audit team is made up of an Interdisciplinary team and includes, but is not limited to,  a Clinic Services Specialist, Facility Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Dietician, Social Worker, Nurses, and  Biomedical Technicians. We form these teams within a Region and travel to other area Regions and perform audits in their center to help the centers FA gauge how care is delivered and the effectiveness of processes that are in place in their center. My team and I actually have a lot of fun participating in these audits.

The goal is to give feedback that will enable the center FA to make decisions and possible plans of correction. I like to think of it as a friendly survey. We are teammates, serving and assisting other teams. Because I am a FA, I value these opportunities and have learned a lot about DaVita and dialysis care during my time spent on CAT audits in other centers. I am able to see how other centers operate which has allowed me to modify some of my own processes. Truth be told, I steal ideas. There’s nothing really to be “stolen” because every single FA that I’ve ever met has been open and willing to share and usually flattered that I duplicate their work.

This is an example of  how awesome and rewarding it is to be working in a large and diverse Village; we all have different ideas and we don’t hold them as secrets; we share with each other and collaborate In order to make all of our centers G-R-E-A-T!  It improves the quality of care that we are able to offer and more importantly, improves the lives of our patients. That’s what this is ALL about!