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​Cultivating Your Interests

March 26, 2014  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
One of the things that drew me to DaVita and keeps me here, is the many opportunities that exist with the Village.  I’ve had the great fortune of working under two great and generous leaders who were very committed to making sure that I am engaged in things that I am interested in and happy in my role.  It’s been very exciting to get to tap into some of the things that I have been interested in improving for others in the Village at the regional and divisional levels.  It’s great to be at a company that really does embrace continuous improvement.  Things that have not gone as well as I feel they could have always have an audience and platform with other leaders in the organization.  It’s been great to talk through my experiences with the recruiting and hiring experiences I’ve had with the local divisional vice president and my regional operations director.  I’m glad that my fellow region leaders are in the early stages of tackling the work of standardizing and learning more about how to better support the field teammates in operationalizing a new clinic.  Having experienced a number of growing pains in opening up my new clinic alongside my regional operations director and the rest of our region, I know that others can benefit from my experiences and I am eager to share my knowledge with others.  I am glad that a formal platform for this is in the works with the region team.  Getting involved in integrated care has been something that has interested me throughout my career in nursing and healthcare.  I am really excited to have gotten the opportunity to get involved in some of the work to spread the work DaVita has already done in integrated care to other areas of the Village.  Though involvement in all of these areas has ranged from in person to phone to email conversations to being assigned accountabilities and project deliverables, I’ve been glad and grateful to be a part of all of this work (even though it is on top of all of my other responsibilities as an Facility Administrator).  It is additional work, but it is meaningful and fulfilling work to me which never feels like work.