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DaVita Offers Patients Resources and Support in Preparation for Tropical Storm Karen

October 7, 2013  | Press Releases
DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 4, 2013-- DaVita®, a division of DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. and a leading provider of kidney care services, today issued important emergency response information and resources for dialysis patients, particularly those along the Gulf Coast in the path of tropical storm Karen, which is expected to make landfall between New Orleans and Pensacola, Fla.

The tropical storm is projected to make landfall late Saturday or early Sunday with heavy rain and strong winds expected. The DaVita Village Emergency Response Team (DaVERT) cautions that while the storm is being monitored closely, it is important to prepare as these storms can be unpredictable.

“We are currently advising patients and teammates along the Gulf Coast on how to prepare for this storm,” said Tom Bradsell, DaVERT manager. “Our top priority during this time is patient safety. We will continue to evaluate the path and impact of the storm as it approaches and makes landfall.”

Local DaVita dialysis centers have begun preparing for the storm and its impact by issuing emergency preparedness packets to patients and reviewing their emergency plans. In the event that patients cannot access their usual dialysis center they can call 1-800-400-8331 for assistance in finding a DaVita clinic to accommodate them.

DaVita teammates will continue to assess the storm’s path and potential impact, providing patients with the most up-to-date information regarding their treatments. Dialysis patients require treatments at least three times per week and are at high risk during natural disasters and weather-related emergencies.

In order to prepare for the unexpected, DaVita provided emergency preparedness educational resources and recommended that all dialysis patients create an emergency kit that includes:

Emergency phone numbers for their doctors and dialysis center, as well as contact information for a nearby dialysis center
At least three days’ worth of medications, as well as a list of the dosage amounts
If diabetic, a week’s worth of supplies (syringes, insulin, alcohol wipes, glucose monitoring strips, etc.)
Access to clean water, food, a can opener, first aid supplies, and a battery-operated flashlight and radio
Weather-related emergency resources are available on DaVita.com/services/emergency-services.

For additional questions, or for assistance during a weather-related event, dialysis patients and caregivers are encouraged to call DaVita Guest Services at 1-800-400-8331.
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