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DaVita uses Google’s new ‘Hangout” to generate discussion on dialysis topics

July 23, 2013  | DaVita in the News
DaVita has created a new cyberspace ‘hang out” for the renal community, leading off with discussions about the renal ACO demonstration.

The project host interviews DaVita leadership about different topics, and listeners can send in questions during the live discussion, similar to a webinar.

“The Google+ Hangout is a new communications channel and we thought it would be an exciting change of pace for doctors who are used to receiving their information in more traditional channels,” said DaVita spokesperson Ginger Pelz. “The Hangout let's participants, and in this case, physicians, watch speakers as they talk, which increases the engagement level. Folks can also ask live questions that often times are asked directly to the panelists through the moderator.”

Pelz said DaVita chose the topic of ESRD Seamless Care Organizations and ACOs because “we've found that a lot of nephrologists have many questions about how this will impact them and their practices.”

DaVita’s next topic will be on the proposed Medicare cuts to the composite rate.

You can access the “hangout” at www.davita.com/physicians/videos/6NiX5xAvTtY/escos-and-acos-google+-hangout-on-air
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