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A DaVita Welcome

October 1, 2013  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
A quick background, I was an administrator for a clinic in Utah and moved to Phoenix to run a larger clinic and be part of a large joint venture in the Village. Coming to Arizona from Utah has been a great transition for me.  I’m not going to sugarcoat it, I was nervous coming to a new region, are they going to accept me, what do they do different, will I fit in, are all questions going on in my head.  Well at the first FA meeting my ROD came out dressed in the coveted musketeer outfit and a sword.  He then proceeded to ask me to come up in the front of the room and he proceeded to read a proclamation that this region has adopted for bringing new administrators to the team.  He preceded to knight me into the region and as an initiation I had to sing a song or tell a joke… boy was I nervous. Singing a song or telling a joke… what… I was thinking to myself how the heck can I get out of this one?  Well there was no getting out of it and I deciding to do a dance to music instead and it was disco… So just image a room full of accomplished Administrators and a Regional Director dressed like a musketeer while playing disco music... I thought yup, I must be in the land of DaVita. I loved it, it was a wonderful welcome to the team and a little corny but it worked.  The team welcomed me with open arms and then just like that the meeting went on and we began to discuss the pertaining issues at that time.