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DaVita's Trilogy of Care

October 30, 2013  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
If you have explored this website you may have seen the words "Trilogy of Care"

These words go to the heart of who we strive to be as a company.  DaVita refers to itself as a Village and like every village we are made up of citizens.  Back in 2000 we defined ourselves with our Mission statement, “To be the greatest dialysis company the world had ever seen.  Wow!  That's pretty heady stuff.

As we grew and matured the Mission came into focus.  As we improved patient outcomes and developed our levels of stewardship, we began to send out ripples across the professional community.  We were now being used as a model of success by other companies.

It was during these periods of growth that we began to develop our Village Programs that are now referenced as the “Trilogy of Care”. Our Village Programs fall under three categories: Caring for our Patients, Caring for Each Other, and Caring for the World.

I have had an opportunity to participate in several of the Village Programs, sometimes as a giver and sometimes as a recipient.  I look forward to sharing my experience with you.