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Hiring Right

October 22, 2014  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
At DaVita, we use the abbreviation RPRJRA.  It means that we always strive to hire the “Right Person, for the Right Job, with the Right Attitude.

‘Hiring right’ is without a doubt the most important thing we can do for our patients, our teams and our physicians.

Not “Hiring Right’ will impact teammate morale and patient confidence as well as creating a strain on physician relationships. Ultimately, selecting the wrong candidate will not only impact our facility clinically, but may result in the financial burden of starting the hiring process over again should the new teammate prove unsuccessful.

When we include the facility team in the interviewing process we empower them to paint a realistic picture of the role and get a feel for how the candidate’s personality will integrate into the team.

At DaVita, ‘Hiring Right ‘definitely takes a team.