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Kidney Disease Awareness

April 16, 2014  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
Did you know that March was Kidney Disease Awareness Month?
This is the time each year when we rev up our efforts to get the word out into the community that Kidney Disease often goes undetected and that 1 in 10 people have some form of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and may not know it.
We invited each patient and family member to reach out and educate their friends and neighbors.  We call it “Each one – Reach one”.  We remind our patients of the date and time of our regularly held Kidney Smart Class and welcome them to invite anyone they know who may be diabetic or have known CKD.
We emphasize the importance of awareness and early education as the primary way to slow down the progression of CKD.   This year we are introducing the use of e-cards available at DaVita .com. They are just one more tool we can employ to spread the word about the wonderful educational opportunities  available at DaVita both online and in person.