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Leading The DaVita Way

June 20, 2014  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
Often times my steadfastness as an administrator for Davita is tested. Right now my clinic is in a rut and it’s my job to lead my team through it. There are many many ways to make this happen. The situation we are going through right now is a staffing shortage in addition to an increase in patient census for my clinic.  The increase in census is putting a strain on my team since they are required to stay longer in the day and take care of many more patients. We had some nursing staff and patient care teammates leave the clinic or reduce their hours in the recent days and months.  This accompanied with an increase in patients has the team on edge.

So with a team on the edge and in a volatile state it is imperative that I show up and lead the team through it.  One aspect of doing this is through great communication.  I need to ensure my team understands why people have left and how we as a team can correct any issues that may have impacted these teammates from leaving the village. Maybe it’s my performance that is the cause and it’s really a time of self-reflection that needs to happen.  A leader plays a part in every departure in some sort of way. Maybe I didn’t check in with this teammate enough and get a better understanding of what this person needs from me.  Its important I communicate what I am doing to get our staffing up and what the plan is for the increase in patient census.

This can be accomplished through what we here at Davita call the DaVita Way. The Davita Way is a philosophy that states that we dedicate our Head, Heart and Hands to pursue the Mission, live the Values, and build a healthy Village. It means we care for each other with the same intensity with which we care for our patients. One thing I have heard is that the DaVita Way of doing things is real apparent in the classes teammates attend like Academy or Villagewide but when it gets all the way down to the clinic level the DaVita Way gets missed or set aside in the every day grind of taking care of our patients.

I have to be very intentional in every thing I do, I have to ensure the Davita way lives on even in tough times. I have done this by recognizing the teammates that do extraordinary things and celebrate the little things teammates do that represents our clinic and ultimately Davita. An example of this is, I had a teammate that embraces and offers words of wisdom to another teammate that is having a hard time with the schedule and dealing with difficult patients. It is my job to recognize this and provide it as an example of the DaVita Way.
By living through the DaVita Way I am able to lead my team through tough times and I have the confidence we will get through it and prosper on the other side until the next challenge arrives.