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New Clinic Tour Video!

February 18, 2013  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
DaVita's career website just launched a new video tour of a clinic in Florida. I just watched it and thought it’s an awesome depiction of what a real center is like. The cool thing is, this isn’t acting, and the people in the video are REAL Village teammates. Matter of fact, in the intro part of the tour they show teammate pictures, those are real too; the picture of the Sterling, VA team are teammates from my own Region!  I trained in their center.  If you are considering a career as a Facility Administrator, or really any role at DaVita, I think it’s a good place to start as you explore who we are and what we do.

It will introduce you to Claudia, the clinic's FA and several members of her team. I most enjoyed the patient interview with Naomi because it spoke volumes as to what our mission and values are and to hear it come from the patient, that’s how you know its real. She said she chooses to drive a little further for treatments to come to this specific center because she felt comfortable there. I have many patients of my own who I can relate this situation to. I have several of my own patients who will drive an extra 15 minutes just to come to us. It’s because they are our family, they have fun and are content. When a patient does these things, it’s a testament to the care that we give and the values that we live.

I remember how I felt during the interview process for my job as an FA and it really would have helped me to have been able to see this video to understand how things look and what the process was. Remember, I had never even been into a dialysis center when I interviewed for my position…..  Even if you’re a seasoned dialysis nurse, go watch the video to see how our culture varies from any other place you might have worked before. We are different at DaVita! In the most awesome way possible.

Watch the Clinic Tour Here.