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Proud Day to be an FA

November 1, 2013  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
This week I was asked to conduct a Reality 101 course for a Redwoods Graduate for DaVita. DaVita has a program for MBA students that once they acquire their MBA they spend some time inside a DaVita clinic to understand the reality of what it is like from all the different perspective within a clinic.

Today he decided to open with the patient care technicians at 4:30 this morning.  So as things happened, the floor became very chaotic fairly quickly, but controlled by the technicians. We had two machines go down first thing and had to get our biomed technician in to begin the repairs.  Patients began arriving, but the team stepped up and worked together to ensure no patient was late or even aware that we were all stressed about the machines.  The Redwoods Graduate noticed that during this chaotic time the team seemed really calm and embodied the Core Value of Team as they went through the morning. He said he was impressed with how the team functioned during the day, and that they work really well together. It was a rewarding day to know I can count on my team to tighten the belt when needed and get the right stuff done in DaVita fashion without hesitation.