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Role Transition

February 24, 2015  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
One of the more interesting aspects of working at DaVita is the many opportunities one has to work in a variety of different programs the company makes available.

For me, that has recently been with the CKD educational program ‘Kidney Smart’.

The growth and expansion of my 'Kidney Smart' class has resulted in a shift of some of my other responsibilities.

I recently assisted in the training of an experienced dialysis nurse who was stepping into the role of a PD nurse for the first time.  Watching her increase her knowledge base, her experience and her confidence has been very rewarding and it has now allowed me to divest one of my home programs into her safe keeping while I expand my CKD classes.

At DaVita, opportunities are always right around the corner. Finding one that fits your personal & professional goals is part of what make our work fulfilling & fun.