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A Special Team Building Event

October 4, 2012  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
I belong to a team of Facility Administrators that manage other centers within our Region. We meet monthly as a group, along with our Regional Operations Director. We typically meet in a center meeting room and discuss everything related to clinical outcomes all the way to facility management and operational finances. We set goals as a team and tailor them throughout the year.  It’s mostly business (and maybe a little fun) when we have these meetings.  In the spirit of upholding our Core Value of FUN, we do FUN events throughout the year, usually each quarter. We use these events as a time to fellowship and celebrate our successes.

In September, we celebrated our success at a local Vineyard. What a peaceful and beautiful venue. Most of our centers are located in a major metropolitan area so it’s a nice treat to head off to the country for some quiet time, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Our Operations Director suggested that we all dress up and wear fancy and fun hats. I personally looked like I was going to a Royal Funeral with my black dress and big black hat but it was a lot of fun to play dress up. The food was great and I really enjoyed the tour of the Vineyard. We sampled different types of grapes right off the vine and shared lots of laughter and stories. We all shared what our dream vacation would be and where we want to retire one day. It’s knowing the little things like that about one another that have really bonded our team and made us more of a family.