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July 17, 2014  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
What is the definition of “Team”?

At DaVita, “Team” is a Core Value.  That means it is at the heart of who we are & what we do.

It is a common belief that working in the same location or doing the same job function is what makes one part of a team.

I believe the truest definition of team is a collection of individuals dedicated to successfully completing a mission, task or achieving a goal.  Being part of a team is a willingness to give of your time, talent & energy knowing that others will do the same & together the job will get done. 

I often feel that those in leadership roles believe their responsibility is to create the vision for their facilities and the means to achieving it. The truth is, collaboration is the only way to design a clear path toward accomplishing any goal. 

A real “Team” provides a solid foundation on top of which great things can be achieved.