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Top 25 Nursing Employers

January 20, 2014  | DaVita in the News
What makes a company one of the “best” places to work is, of course, highly subjective. For some, a top-notch workplace is all about friendly coworkers and flexible hours; for others, salary and benefits are all that matter. 

For Minority Nurse’s Best Companies survey, we asked readers to tell us what was most important to them as nursing professionals. Benefits, salary, and opportunity for advancement were among the top factors for our survey respondents, while workplace size was much less important. Magnet recognition wasn’t a primary concern for most readers, but many said they did consider it when looking at potential employers. The majority of the respondents said that their current workplace is not Magnet certified.

In their current jobs, readers were most satisfied with their workplace environment, workplace size (in terms of the number of employees), and benefits (including retirement funds and health insurance). They were least satisfied with opportunities for advancement, job perks (such as education reimbursement and on-site childcare), and salary. As far as the latter, it’s worth noting that Minority Nurse’s Salary Survey, published in the Spring 2013 issue, found that our readers’ average salaries had increased at a higher rate than inflation in the last five years. Still, many who answered our survey clearly see a need for improvement.

We created our top-25 list by sending an online questionnaire to Minority Nurse subscribers. We received more than 1,000 responses from across the country. California, New York, Texas, and Florida were the most heavily represented states among survey takers. Rated workplaces were split fairly evenly between large, medium, and small organizations.

Companies that scored well comprise a variety of nursing workplaces, with large metropolitan hospitals and networks—including New York’s North Shore–LIJ Health System, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge—being the most well-represented. Government agencies (both federal and local) also appear on the list, as well as wide-ranging networks such as Kaiser Permanente and Mayo Clinic. Nonprofit and government entities outweigh for-profit companies on our final list.

The 25 companies listed alphabetically below scored best in terms of correlation between what nurses are looking for and what their employers are offering. Most of these organizations are actively recruiting, and we’ve provided links to job listings for anyone looking to make a change.
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