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Trilogy of Care II

February 5, 2014  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
There are 7 Davita programs that fall under the category of Caring for Each Other. Two of the programs are scholarship awards for children and grandchildren of DaVita teammates. The "K.T. Family Foundation" scholarship is available to children in grades 6-11.
My daughter, Francesca, was fortunate to be one of the first recipients of the “K.T. Family Foundation” scholarship when she was in 8th grade. Her award was based on her academic performance and community service. I'm happy to report that when she graduated with honors from Florida Gulf Coast University her scholarship had helped pay for her books over 4 years and was a tremendous blessing for a student attending college and working fulltime.
"DaVita Village Network" is a program designed to help teammates with financial assistance during times of crisis. As teammates we can participate by contributing to a fund that is used specifically to help our fellow teammates during these most challenging events.
In 2004 southwest Florida was devastated by 4 hurricanes - each about 2 weeks apart.  We had scarcely regrouped after the first one only to be hit again and again and again. We lost 3 of our dialysis facilities (mine included) and many of our teammates could not return to their homes. Try to imagine south Florida in August without air conditioning or running water!  While we were reeling from our personal
losses we still needed to care for our equally devastated patients. 
The DaVita Village Network provided our housing while our homes were uninhabitable and provided funding for food until we were able to get back on our feet.  I'm proud to say that because of the support of our Village we were able to be present for our patients.