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Wall of Fame

March 13, 2014  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
For the past 13 years DaVita has celebrated our patients with the opportunity to participate in the Wall of Fame.  It’s a friendly competition among DaVita’s hundreds of clinics across the country, and now the world, to come up with a creative way to display fun facts about the participants.
Over the years our facility walls have been graced with rainbows (There’s No Place Like Home), race tracks (Racing Toward Good Health), Villages (All for One) and trees (Tree Of Life).  Our Wall of Fame has provided an opportunity for conversations as patients discover they came from nearby home towns before retiring to Florida or that they share a similar interest in fishing, ham radio operation, or golfing.
A home facility, which is what my clinic is, can present a challenge because the patients aren’t often present in the facility at the same time. The Wall of Fame enables folks to get to know each other and recognize a shared  interest with someone they may meet only occasionally, but it always sparks a conversation when they do bump into each other in the waiting room or attend a facility celebration.