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Working with What You’ve Got

June 26, 2014  | A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Healthcare Administrator
One of the things our region is continually dealing with is staffing our clinics.  Recently, we’ve had several Administrative Assistant (AA) vacancies.  Though they are not out of the treatment floor, the things an AA does to support the clinic are invaluable and are definitely the types of things that are VERY sorely missed when the AA is out sick/away on PTO/has left the clinic.  One of the things that drew me to DaVita were the many opportunities to move up within the company.  The Village truly does support each teammate realizing their fullest potential and dreams.   A great example of this is the multiple teammates we have in our region who are currently working as Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) but started out as AAs.  These teammates are now out living their dreams of becoming PCTs in our clinics every day, but come from AA backgrounds.  This is great for our region because though we are short on AAs, we have several PCTs who are coming off orientation and ready to work the floors.  Two of these PCTs are PCTs I hired for my own clinic.  As we continue to grow, we will most certainly be fully utilizing their services, however right now, we are lighter in census than we are in teammates.  What’s great is that our new PCTs can go and fill in at the clinics with PCTs who are former AAs.  These PCTs/former AAs can help out in the AA role while the new PCTs take over their role as PCTs on the treatment floor.  This is really a win-win situation for all because the clinics will get the support that they need in both the front office and on the treatment floor and everyone gets their hours.  Coming up with this solution was a little bit out of the box, but that’s how we do things in DaVita, we keep trying new things until we find something that works.