DaVita Careers

Find the Right Nursing Career For You

Our process is set up to be a fit finder for you. You will have the opportunity to learn about our nursing roles as we get the opportunity to learn about you.

1. Find Your Fit
2. Watch the Video
3. Apply

Let’s start with what you prefer.

Take this six question quiz to find the top three RN roles you might be a fit for (based on your preferences). You will able to learn more about each RN role, watch a short video and then apply to the role that best fits you.

I can work with a schedule that…

When I'm at work, I like to get things done by...

In my dream job, I would perform tasks that:

I prefer to work in a place:

In my dream job, I would travel:

I am willing to interview for a job where I am on-call…

Career Paths:

  • Lakeisha J.

    Lakeisha J.

    Facility Administrator

    Assistant Facility Administrator


    Clinical Coordinator


    Staff Nurse

  • Denise R.

    Denise R.

    Group Facility Administrator

    Facility Administrator


    Clinical Nurse Manager


    Acute RN

  • Mary Helen B.

    Mary Helen B.

    Patient Modality Educator

    Patient Modality Educator


    Home Dialysis Nurse


    Staff Nurse

  • Carmen T.

    Carmen T.

    Facility Administrator

    Facilty Administrator


    Clinical Coordinator


    Change Nurse