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Enjoy a hospital environment without rounds, and with more time to impact your patients' lives.

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Acute Dialysis Nurse


Enjoy a hospital environment without rounds, and with more time to impact your patients' lives.

Are you energized by the intensity of a fast-paced, critical care environment? Do you prefer the autonomy of making decisions under pressure? If so, then an Acute Dialysis Nurse role could be just right for you. You treat and educate new dialysis patients (and their families) as well as chronic dialysis patients who become hospitalized. You are the dialysis expert and the hospital staff relies on you for your expertise.

As an Acute Dialysis nurse, you're in charge. Here's what you can expect:

Excellence in Patient Care – Help your patients, when they need it the most.

"My favorite DaVita Core Value is Service Excellence – seeking to understand the needs of the patients who depend on us, making a difference and exceeding patient expectations." – Donna S.

Independence – Manage your patients on your own in a hospital setting.

"In the acute setting you have a lot of independence and you have to make a lot of decisions for yourself with regards to the patients. I know I can call for support at any time." – Caroline H.

Intensity  – Expect the unexpected.

"As an Acute Dialysis RN, you have to be able to roll with the punches and be flexible. Your day doesn't go from A-Z and you go home. You have to manage constant changes. Patient acuity always changes so you have to be able to handle emergency situations and stressful situations with patience and confidence." – Patricia S.

The challenges of acute dialysis nursing  – the intensity, the unpredictability and the schedule  – offer big upsides for nurses who fit in this setting. You enjoy a dynamic environment where no two days are alike and you're invigorated by the impact you make in a short amount of time for patients and their families.

If this sounds appealing to you, and you're ready to contribute to an award-winning organization that's dedicated to patients and teammates alike, then apply for one of our acute dialysis nursing jobs today and expand your dialysis career!