DaVita Careers

Registered Nurse Careers

Want to be a Nurse (RN) with us? Consider me your virtual recruiter. Here's what to expect in this job application process:

Our goal is to educate you on the nursing roles in our Village and to help you find the right nursing fit.

  • Take our six question “Fit Finder” to see what modality of nursing best fits your preferences.
  • Watch our Realistic Job Preview videos to ensure this is the right fit for you.
  • Answer a few job-related qualification questions.
  • Complete your online application.
  • Complete our NurseFit assessment.
    This is an important part of our hiring evaluation process and only needs to be done once every 12 months. We encourage you to set aside ​~45 minutes to answer the questions thoughtfully & truthfully. 
  • The full process takes on average 45-60 minutes to complete.

From here, the recruiter will review the top candidates and directly reach out to those who best match the position qualifications to schedule a phone screen.

We take filing positions seriously and have invested in this process to ensure the best care for our patients.  Thank you for investing your time and expressing interest in what we do.

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