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Interview Tips from Our Recruiters

  • "Come to the interview prepared. Remember, you want this to be a match for you! You should be interviewing us, just as much as we are interviewing you. The more thoughtful questions you ask, the more apparent it will be that you are in the driver’s seat."
  • "Have a minimum of 5 thoughtful questions prepared to ask during your interview."
  • "Silence is Golden. If you are asked a tough question, don’t be afraid of the silence. Take the time to think about what you want to say. We aren’t afraid of silence, and you shouldn’t be either."
  • "Ask what a typical day in the life looks like in the role you are interviewing for. Consider asking the hiring manager if you could job shadow someone in that role as part of the final interview process."
  • "Come prepared to talk about YOU! Sounds pretty obvious, right? Well, we interview differently at DaVita. We want to take time to get to know you and just what is important to you in a new role!"
  • "Before you go to an interview, think about the story of your career journey. How did you get to where you are, and why is this job the logical next step for you?"
  • "New Hires tell us culture is the #1 reason they joined DaVita. Ask questions about when our teammates knew DaVita was a different place to work, why they joined DaVita, or how that culture feels at the local level."
  • "Be ready to articulate what it is that is lacking in your current role that you are looking for in your next."
  • "Show your resume to at least one person and ask them “If you didn’t know me, what would your first impression be of me just from this information?"
  • "We find it inspiring when potential teammates have read about our core values and can share a story about which one really speaks to them."
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