DaVita Careers


DaVita University offers teammates more than 680 in-person and online courses in professional and personal development.

Defining Ourselves, Inspiring Others

We believe that providing proper training to our teammates is essential to ensuring the exceptional clinical outcomes that we achieve.  We are so committed to helping teammates learn and develop that we created a special education department within DaVita called DaVita University which oversees all of the training and learning opportunities within the Village.

While most of our teammates are providing direct, hands on care to our patients, other teammates are indirectly caring for patients by providing support to our field teammates and making their daily responsibilities as easy as possible.    Because we have such a wide variety of roles within the Village we have created a vast number of training programs to meet each teammate’s training needs.  Teammates also have many options and great flexibility in the format of trainings.  They can take in-classroom training sessions, work directly with a preceptor or even take online courses covering many different topics. 

One thing that may surprise you is that at DaVita we believe that our teammates’ personal development is just as important as their professional development and training.  Subjects such as communication, goal setting and conflict management are taught in a way that teammates can easily translate their learnings into their daily work as well as to their time away from their clinic or the office. 

In the spirit of one of our favorite sayings at DaVita: “No Brag, Just Fact,” our training programs have been recognized by organizations such as Training Magazine for many years because of the exceptional impact of the programs.  We continue to add new training opportunities and development options for our teammates to support their ever changing work environments and personal responsibilities. When interviewing, ask what kind of training you can expect locally.