Our Culture
​​​​​​​and History

Welcome to DaVita!

The name DaVita is an adaptation of the Italian phrase “Giving life.” We are about enriching the lives of our patients, teammates and partners, and the communities in which we operate. To know DaVita—affectionately referred to as The Village—is to understand our history and culture. DaVita has progressed through the years, from a humble start, to striving to become a pioneer in health care around the world. DaVita is a special community where teammates can work together to pursue our company Mission and practice our Core Values.

We are a Community First. And a Company Second.

We are guided by our Mission to be the Provider, Partner and Employer of Choice. Our Core Values are reinforced at all levels of the organization. 

From Comfort to Inspiration

A kidney transplant is an ideal treatment option for many patients with end stage kidney disease (ESKD) to replace kidney function. Our goal is to help everyone eligible pursue a kidney transplant and to inform those who support them. When Jose and peritoneal dialysis (PD) nurse Cheroyl met, they couldn’t know the path they would travel together—a journey that not only changed Jose’s health but resulted in a bond that inspired Jose’s future.

Our 7 Core Values

Service Excellence

Serving others—our reason for existing. We continually seek to understand the needs of those who depend on us (our patients, doctors and fellow team members) and then to exceed their expectations.
We say what we believe, and we do what we say. We are trusted because we are trustworthy. In our personal, team, and organizational values, we strive for alignment in what we say and do.
One for All, and All for One! We work together, sharing a common purpose, a common culture and common goals. We genuinely care for and support not only those to whom we provide care, but also those with whom we work shoulder-to-shoulder. We work together to pursue achieving our Mission.

Continuous Improvement

We never stand still; we are never satisfied. Individually, and as teams, we constantly look at what we do, and ask, “How can we do this better?” Then we use a systematic approach to take action.
We don’t say, “It’s not my fault,” or “It’s not my job.” We take responsibility for meeting our commitments—our personal ones as well as those of the entire organization. We take ownership of the results.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We make a difference. We feel rewarded—personally and as a team—because what we do in our jobs is consistent with our goals and dreams. We believe “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi) And when you are the change, that’s fulfilling!
We enjoy what we do. We know health care is hard work; but even hard work can be fun. We take our jobs seriously, but we feel a fun environment delivers better care to our patients while creating a better work environment for our teammates. We strive for excellence and we have fun.

Our History Timeline

Ready to Join a Culture that is A Community First and A Company Second?

The foundation of the DaVita Village is our teammates—citizens and neighbors who work together toward common goals. To keep communication open and transparent, DaVita hosts town hall meetings where any teammate can ask questions to our senior leaders. Our Mission, Vision and Core Values aren’t just words on the wall, but are living and breathing through every teammate in our clinics and offices. #TeamDaVita invites you to apply today!