A Village for Everyone

Belonging starts with each of us. We celebrate the diversity of our Village in the teammates who work in our centers, the patients we care for, the physicians we partner with and the communities we serve. In building our Diversity & Belonging (D&B) program, we take a collaborative, leader-led and teammate-driven approach, where everyone is involved in building and implementing our strategy.


We recognize that diversity has many dimensions that contribute to our unique viewpoints. 

We are proud of the diversity of our Village


people of color

Leaders with profit and loss responsibility


people of color

Women in manager and director roles

women managers

women directors
Belonging starts with each of us, so we are empowering all teammates to create belonging with each other.


We are dedicated to cultivating a sense of belonging where everyone feels valued. Teammates experience belonging in many ways as they interact with one another throughout the work day, from supporting one another through tough times, to sharing a smile or a laugh.
of teammates say they feel like they belong on their teams
of teammates say their manager creates a sense of belonging
Belonging for Our Patients
By getting to know patients as individuals, we create a sense of belonging for them. We do this by practicing the DaVita WE CARE behaviors, maintaining our award-winning patient education programs, and celebrating patients in fun and creative ways. ​​​​​​​

Expanding our Diversity & Belonging Impact and Scope

By taking an inside-out approach, we are committed to focusing on how we can make a greater impact in our Village and in the broader communities we serve. We are committed to investing $3,000,000 over the next three years to support teammates and communities of color through Economic Mobility and Health Equity. We will help teammates increase their earnings potential through career development and educational opportunities, and will contribute to equitable health care access and outcomes for the patient communities we serve.

DaVita Teammate Resource Groups (TRGs)

Our TRGs play a unique role in advancing Diversity & Belonging at DaVita. We recognize the many dimensions of diversity that contribute to our unique perspectives and recognize the value of creating safe spaces within the Village where teammates have the opportunity to connect and provide for personal and professional development. 
Asian and Pacific Islander TRG
The mission of is Asian and Pacific Islander is to increase advocacy and a sense of belonging for API teammates. We aim to create a safe and supportive environment for teammates to connect, learn, and develop personally and professionally.
Black TRG
Our mission is to create cultural awareness and support Diversity & Belonging at DaVita. This group is a forum for Black teammates and allies to connect and build relationships across the Village. The group also supports attracting, developing and retaining Black teammates in the Village.
Our mission is to connect teammates, build community and provide resources for LGBTQ+ teammates and their allies.
Working Parents TRG
Our mission is to provide a sought-after community, rich with resources and networks, to help parents navigate the unique experience of nurturing a career and family simultaneously.
Hispanic/Latino Organization for Leadership and Advancement TRG
The Hispanic/Latino Organization for Leadership and Advancement (HOLA) supports the personal and professional development of Hispanic and Latino teammates globally. Through networking, mentoring and community connection, HOLA will focus on elevating teammates at all career levels while embracing the Village's passion for diversity and belonging.

Partnerships and Acknowledgements

We are proud to partner with organizations and publications that recognize our efforts to provide a welcoming and inclusive workplace and help increase our visibility to diverse candidates across The Village.

Join #TeamDaVita!

Join a team that aspires to create a sense of Diversity & Belonging for all teammates, patients, physicians and care partners regardless of gender, race/ethnicity or any other factor. We look forward to meeting you!
Data on this page includes U.S. teammate population responses as of April 2021.