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Our Focus & Strategy

At DaVita, we strive to be a community first and a company second.
We want all teammates to experience DaVita as "a place where I belong."

Our goal is to embed Diversity & Belonging into everything we do in our Village, so that it becomes part of who we are.

Diversity is embedded in recruiting and talent development, including how we source candidates, who is on the interview panel, and how we cultivate and develop our future leaders.

​​​​​​​Belonging is embedded in how teammates experience their workplace and team. This includes day-to-day experiences for teammates in our clinics and offices, how we onboard and train new teammates as well as how we develop those teammates in their first year and beyond.

Why are we focused on belonging instead of inclusion? This is an intentional shift. Inclusion can make it seem like there are insiders and outsiders and that the outsiders must be “included.” In our Village, everyone is an insider and everyone belongs.

"To be a special place, we need our Village to be diverse and have every teammate feel like they belong. When this is done right, it feels like family and that’s how I want all teammates to experience our Village."

Kenny Gardner, Chief People Officer

Hear From Our Teammates

"It's amazing the impact that
one FA can have. My FA not
only helped me feel accepted,
but like I had a voice that
​​​​​​​was valuable enough
to be heard."


​​​​​​​-Bethany Johnson, PCT
"We happen to have a job where
we're in very intimate contact
with people. The best part of coming to the job is knowing
that you made the difference."


​​​​​​​-Erick Tombre, RN
"Now that I feel like I belong,
I come to work more positive,
more excited. I know it's
going to be an easy day
because I have my teammates
to support me."


-Tanya Garcia, PCT
"A little encouragement can
go a long way. I'm precepting
for a new teammate who
wanted to quit after her first
week. I've been there, and
I know how that feels. So I've
been calling her on her off
days to make sure she knows
how much we want her here
and to make her feel
truly welcomed."
-Samanta Welton, PCT

Our External Engagement

Below are a few examples demonstrating our commitment to Diversity and Belonging, from sharing data on our efforts, to championing gender equality, to being recognized for achieving our goal to have a 50% diverse Board of Directors. 

One of 800+ CEOs publicly pledging to:
  • Create trusting enviornments
  • Implement unconscious bias training
  • Share best practices​​​​​​​

Our Gender & Ethnic Diversity

We are very diverse as a Village overall (78% women and 53% ethnically diverse) and while our leadership is diverse in many ways, we recognize that it could be more diverse.

We are implementing diverse hiring practices including sourcing (where we source candidates from) and recruiting (including working towards diverse interview panels and candidate slates for some positions) to sustain leadership diversity in our Village. Additionally, our robust portfolio of career development programs promotes equal opportunity creation for our inherently diverse organization.

Examples of programs that provide opportunities for teammates to thrive in their careers:

Bridge to Your Dreams: Fully-funded tuition and support for patient care technicians to become DaVita nurses upon successful completion of the program
THRIVE: Development program to put nurses on trajectory to become field operators 
Foresters: Continuous talent and career pipeline for facility administrators to become regional operations directors