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Our Focus & Strategy

At DaVita, we strive to be a community first and a company second.
We want all teammates to experience DaVita as "a place where I belong."

Our goal is to embed Diversity & Belonging into everything we do in our Village, so that it becomes part of who we are.

Diversity is embedded in recruiting and talent development, including how we source candidates, who is on the interview panel, and how we cultivate and develop our future leaders.

Belonging is embedded in how teammates experience their workplace and team. This includes day-to-day experiences for teammates in our clinics and offices, how we onboard and train new teammates as well as how we develop those teammates in their first year and beyond.

Why are we focused on belonging instead of inclusion? This is an intentional shift. Inclusion can make it seem like there are insiders and outsiders and that the outsiders must be “included.” In our Village, everyone is an insider and everyone belongs.

"To be a special place, we need our Village to be diverse and have every teammate feel like they belong. When this is done right, it feels like family and that’s how I want all teammates to experience our Village."

Kenny Gardner, Chief People Officer
Hear From Our Teammates
“I’ve found my second family here when I started at DaVita Labs. Everyone was welcoming and full of life. I’ve seen nothing but love from my teammates and I love you all and I’m looking forward to having more fun and memories with all of you!”
Keyona Shepard Administrative PA
We’re stronger because of the unique perspectives our teammates have to offer whether that’s based on their gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or any other facet of their identity. And while there is room to do better, I’m proud to see our Village living our Core Value of Continuous Improvement in our journey to create an even more diverse workplace at all levels.
Derek Lee Director, Revenue Strategy and Operations
Belonging is a state of mind that all are responsible for - what is awesome about DaVita is that we continue to make this actionable, both within the Village and the communities we serve.
Megan Fahrenholtz Manager, Guest Services and Quality Assurance
At DaVita, we are conscious that each teammates’ backpack carries different experiences, perspectives, and ideas.  For the first time in my career, I bring my whole self to work.  I am personally committed to making space for underrepresented groups, thoughts, and conversations.
Jerrett Arrington Senior Manager, Strategic Sourcing
DaVita encourages us to be a rainbow: each one with our own Diverse color and yet together we Belong. My team received my experiences without judgment but rather to see what changes (albeit minor ones) they needed to make to accommodate and acknowledge me. My team reminded me that for our 'Rainbow' to glow, our colors had to be showcased.
Mwai Baliruno Analyst
My teammates at DaVita are my second family. They are always there to be my cheerleader for all my celebrations. They have also been there to give me a shoulder to cry on when I’ve lost a loved one. I know that I can always count on them through the good and the bad times with a smile or a hug, I never feel alone.
Hope LaMonica Care Coordinator
“What I love about working for DaVita is that there is no 'right' path that leads to management. In my case, I obtained my degree in Business Administration and held positions that allowed me to problem solve with a strategic focus on operational goals, shifting priorities, and growth.”
Monifa Kopano Regional Program Manager & Facility
“DaVita has always had strong Core Values. My goal as a leader in my clinics is to not only set high expectations, but to lead by example. From the cleaning staff to the Medical Director, every person plays a significant role in making sure our patients receive the best care possible."
Ferrol Billowitch Facility Administrator
Our Commitment to Diversity and Belonging
Over the last several years, we've focused on embedding diversity and belonging into everything we do so that it becomes part of who we are.

​​​​​​​Our partnerships with diverse organizations like the Forte Foundation and Management Leadership for Tomorrow help build a diverse bench of future DaVita leaders.

We are implementing diverse hiring practices including sourcing (where we source candidates from) and recruiting (including working towards diverse interview panels and candidate slates for some positions) to sustain leadership diversity in our Village. Additionally, our robust portfolio of career development programs promotes equal opportunity creation for our inherently diverse organization.

Examples of programs that provide opportunities for teammates to thrive in their careers:

Bridge to Your Dreams: Fully-funded tuition and support for patient care technicians to become DaVita nurses upon successful completion of the program
THRIVE: Development program to put nurses on trajectory to become field operators 
Foresters: Continuous talent and career pipeline for facility administrators to become regional operations directors