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At DaVita, we are a community first and a company second. We find that military veterans and families share in that concept, embracing teammates (employees) and our patients. Men and women from the armed forces typically deeply embrace our core values of Service Excellence, Integrity, Team, Continuous Improvement, Accountability, Fulfillment and Fun and share the idea that we are a connected Village. Their understanding and dedication to ‘Service Excellence’ and ‘Team,’ and all of our core values continues to be a tremendous asset to our Vision of becoming the greatest health care community the world has ever seen.
Since 2010, DaVita has been awarded 45 times for exceptional recruiting outreach to our veteran community. In 2013, DaVita was honored to receive the Freedom Award from the Department of Defense, the highest recognition given to employers for exceptional support of Guard and Reserve employees.

Veteran Benefits

We are proud that DaVita teammates are helping to protect our country and DaVita has created a Military Support Program to honor those deployed to military active duty. When you’re off to the front lines, the Village has your back!
Differential Pay
We understand the hardship you may face if your military pay is less than the pay you received from DaVita prior to your leave. To help you, we offer differential pay for which you are eligible regardless of the length of deployment. Differential pay is the difference between your DaVita pay at the time of leave (standard hours x hourly rate) and base military pay while on leave, not to exceed 100% of pre leave base DaVita Pay.
Medical Coverage
If you are deployed more than 30 days, it may be helpful to you and/or your family members to continue your medical benefits and keep your current physicians. Because of this, we offer to subsidize your COBRA medical insurance premiums.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
EAP provides up to 5 mental health visits per issue with an EAP counselor for you and your dependents. You are also eligible to discounts and referrals, local life resources and immediate help during a crisis.
DaVita Village Network
Financial assistance during a one time hardship to help cover an unexpected medical crisis, funeral/bereavement, natural disaster or military development.
Veterans 2 Village (V2V)
Veterans 2 Village (V2V) is a three-day class designed to honor, energize and connect our Village Veterans. V2V focuses on self-development, community service and transition skills. Veterans throughout the Village support V2V as guest faculty and guides, leading small group discussions. Our internal veterans' programs are designed to foster a stronger community for our new Veteran teammates, as our support services continue to develop and grow.
Thriving After Military Service
Thriving After Military Service is a four-day experiential program that supports military veterans and active personnel in gaining a deeper understanding of self through introspection and group exercises. Learning objectives include developing greater self and emotional awareness, a more open mindset, building resiliency, understanding how beliefs and actions support or sabotage success, and gaining a deeper connection to one’s purpose. Additionally, teammates have the option of bringing a guest who is asked to participate and benefit from the class experience. DaVita is proud to offer this program as a way of giving back to those who have given so much and further develop them as leaders in the Village, their families and communities.

Tips for Success

A Veteran Culture

Every year at our annual Villagewide meeting, we host a tribute to those who have served.
DaVita is proud of its ongoing commitment to welcoming military veterans and their families into ‘the DaVita Village. Through our programs designed to honor and support veterans, we can give back to a community of people that have already shown a great commitment to this country.
Nearly 90 veterans and DaVita teammates gathered at Arlington National to volunteer as part of the Veterans 2 Village Program!


It's an honor to recieve these military awards from external audiences.