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As a registered nurse at DaVita, you’ll be a part of a Team where your personal and professional growth is a top priority. Our culture is filled with compassion, care and the desire to help our patients, our teammates and their families live their best life. 

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Nephrology Nursing

Nephrology nurses are registered nurses who specialize in caring for patients with kidney disease. The word "nephrology" relates to the kidneys and through advanced training and education, DaVita’s nurses become experts on the kidneys and provide specialized care to this vulnerable patient population.

It’s not just medical knowledge that makes a great nephrology nurse. Nephrology nurses understand that caring for the whole person is just as important as treating the disease itself. They are advocates who ensure our patients receive the physical, mental and emotional support they need.

Cares for kidney patients


Involves every organ system


Spans the life cycle: acute, chronic and transplant


Patients may have numerous comorbid conditions


Requires holistic approach


Evaluates health needs

Nursing That Fits Your Lifestyle

There are a lot of choices for how you can focus your career at DaVita, with career path options that fit different lifestyles:
“The scheduling is flexible to where it fits my lifestyle. I enjoy exercising a lot and that requires time. I can do that and still come to work and be energized. I can plan for personal time, family time, rest time and not feel a sense of stress as to how or when it's gonna happen.” Amber DaVita Hospital Services Group Registered Nurse
“My schedule allows me to be able to provide the care that my patients need and be able to enjoy my family when it's family time.” Erika DaVita Peritoneal Dialysis Registered Nurse
“The fact that I do work from home offers a lot of flexibility. I can arrange my schedule in a way that allows me to have a good work-life balance, and my manager supports me.” Judith DaVita IKC Nurse Practitioner

Internship and Post Graduate Programs

Student Internship Opportunities
As a student nurse, you can gain practical experience in a clinical setting.

Our nurse internship program is a 4-6 week student rotation at DaVita dialysis clinics. It's designed for you to rotate at a DaVita dialysis clinic until your required clinical hours are completed. You'll participate in approved activities and shadow a registered nurse and other clinical staff, learning first-hand what it's like to treat patients with advanced chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease.

Upon completing your undergraduate degree, rotations, and successful passing of the NCLEX, you and your mentor can discuss the options for working as a registered nurse at DaVita.
DaVita's Transition to Practice
Any newly hired nurses with less than 12 months of nursing experience have the opportunity to be a part of DaVita's Transition to Practice clinical and leadership developmental program. This program helps bridge the gap between theory and practice and contributing to overall culture of safety, improved teammate and patient experience. 

Through our Transition to Practice program, our new nurses have increased confidence, job and professional satisfaction, engagement, organizational commitment and retention. 

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What is Career Growth Like at DaVita?

Clinical Ladders is a career-mapping model that puts our frontline teammates in the driver's seat of their careers. Our Clinical Ladders framework provides clarity on what it takes for teammates to progress in their role and links career progression to compensation in a way that is consistent with our pay-for-performance philosophy. All Patient Care Technicians, Licensed Practical / Vocational Nurses, Registered Nurses, Care Coordinators, Field Managers, Social Workers, Registered Dietitians, Biomed Services Specialists and Administrative Assistants have adopted Clinical Ladders.
teammates are a part of DaVita's career pathways program, Clinical Ladders
teammates were promoted internally in 2023 as a result of Clinical Ladders 
"When I started at DaVita as a patient care technician (PCT), I thought DaVita would be a brief stop in my professional journey—but quickly, I learned I had found a home where I could learn and grow. Now, as chief nursing officer, it's important to me that our teammates have the same experience."

Tina Livaudais
DaVita Chief Nursing Officer

Recognizing Our Nurses

Our culture is special and we are delighted at the opportunity to recognize our unique and dedicated teammates for their commitment to living the DaVita Way and exemplifying our core values.

"It was a very humbling experience [to receive the DAISY Award] because I've never felt like I'm a better nurse than anyone else. But receiving that award made me feel very valued and appreciated."
Omar DaVita Hospital Services Group Registered Nurse
Elite Nurse Award

"There is so much to learn—limitless in fact. We also are uniquely able to collaborate with so many teammates including the Interdisciplinary Team in order to provide the best care for our patients. I wish I would have found a company as supportive as DaVita years ago."
Kelli DaVita Hospital Services Group Registered Nurse
Nightingale Award

“I chose the spa package [from the Nightingale Award offerings]. I’d never done anything like that as I always put myself on the back burner. It was so nice that DaVita gave me the opportunity to do something for myself.”
Christine DaVita Registered Nurse

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