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​​​​​​​RN Give Back Award

DaVita's comprehensive RN award package

Fall 2023 DaVita RN Give Back Award

The 2023 DaVita RN Give Back Award is a comprehensive award package reserved for high-potential upcoming and recent RN graduates that are interested in giving back to rural communities throughout Northern AZ and Shiprock, NM. DaVita will give back to our nurses as they give life to our dialysis patients. The award includes a job offer to join our DaVita Village, 3 consecutive years of extra bonus payment totaling $45,000, reimbursement for NCLEX prep course and exam, and a leaRN conference ticket. 
This award is only available when employed at specific clinics: Chinle, Tuba City, Shiprock, Hopi and Kayenta.

Create your new journey at DaVita

As a registered nurse at DaVita, you'll be a part of a Team where your personal and professional growth is a top priority. Our culture is filled with compassion, care and the desire to help our patients, our teammates and their families live their best life.

It's your time to join #TeamDaVita

Day in the life: Ana, DaVita RN

Ana was looking for a change because with her previous job, she was required to be on-call and be a late nurse. She wanted more work-life balance with DaVita and was interested in nephrology. Hear Ana talk about her experience with patients, training, benefits and more.
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Marci talks about DaVita's well-being benefits

Marci implemented counselling sessions into her life through DaVita's well-being benefits. Our Teammate Assistant program offers teammates and their families a network of licensed counselors and professional services who can help them reach their goals and tackle life's challenges.

Application Requirements for the 2023 RN Give Back Award


Graduate in 2023

Must be a student graduating by December 2023.

Apply to Eligible Job

Must apply to a job eligible for this award, which are listed on this page. Click here to complete your formal application.

Complete Essay Form

Must complete the required essay and form.

Submit before Deadline

Apply to eligible job and complete the essay form by October 31, 2023.

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